• Dr.
    Mark Herne
    Dr. Mark Herne graduated from Oakland Christian High School in 1984. He attended Marion College (Indiana Wesleyan University) and graduated from Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1992. He worked for two brothers in Dowagiac, MI for two years to expand his post-graduate knowledge and then spent 3 months in Chicago, IL learning about House-Call delivery of Veterinary Medicine. Since then he has been practicing in his own practice North Oakland Visiting Veterinarian and NOW North Oakland Veterinary Hospital. This is a calling for him and he loves to serve his patients and their beloved owners. It often is the people that make what I do worthwhile.
  • Sandra Rice
    Sandi has been with us for almost two years and has been a big help around the clinic. She keeps everything looking clean and smelling great. Did we mention she might be an animal whisperer? She just loves the animals. She gets really mad when the animals do not like what Dr. Mark does--she has your back.
  • Ethan Herne
    Ethan is Dr. Mark’s son and although his interests are in computers and graphic design he helps whenever it is needed. Ethan has helped with surgeries for years and assisting me whenever needed--contrary to what he says--he is quite good. He keeps the books and the computers in-sync. He is also the administrator of this site.
  • Grace Herne
    Grace is Dr. Mark’s daughter and helps answer the phone, assist our clients and does paperwork for her dad. She is a big help and loves the pets--especially the cats. She and my son were a big reason we used to rescue cats ALOT.....It has been harder to find homes since we moved into our office and the kennel is no longer at the entrance to the office. That entrance was quite inconvenient anyway.
  • Laura Herne
    Laura Dr. Mark’s wife and makes my office beautiful. She is an animal lover and will sometimes answer your call when she is visiting the office. Her passion is decorating and she helps make our environment pleasant for you and your pets.


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