This site is designed to keep my IMPORTANT clients up to date on new advances in veterinary medicine and also up to date on the growth of our practice. In time we will create links to other sites informing you of new advances. We have a very nice office on Walton Blvd in Waterford, MI NOW. We have been there for a number of years but some still think of us as working out of our home. We will always provide HOUSE CALLS but will NOW have office hours as well, provide hospitalization and boarding for OUR CLIENTS at this new facility. NOTHING is changing about our practice just our place of operation. We have needed more room FOR YEARS and it was the right time to make this move and expand our base of operation to help service your needs better. We hope this new website and our new facility will help you in many ways. If you have any suggestions please email them to me. Thank you for your LOYALTY and for visiting our site.

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We love our clients and their furry loved ones! Click the link below to learn more about us.

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Our staff prides itself in loving your pet. We strive to care for your pets health with Love & Honesty.

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We offer only the best quality food and care for your animals. Our staff stays up to date with new medicines and practices to help your pet.

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